Curia is closed for the summer holidays during the weeks 28, 29 and 30. You can therefore expect a longer response time than usual. We wish you a pleasant summer vacation. 


1997 Mogens Breum and Michael Reffstrup establish Curia in Aarhus. Curia reflects the dream of a transparent, competent consultant company that offers the Danish business community help in recruitment and outplacement.

2000 Curia has really gained a foothold as a recruitment partner in a wide range of industries. The following years are characterized by increased revenue, closer and longer-term customer relations and a consultancy group that grows correspondingly.

2005 After several years of stable growth and increased demand for Curia’s services in Northern Jutland, we establish a department in Aalborg leaded by Torben Abildgaard.

2007 Curia celebrates the first round birthday. In the meantime, the company has grown to 15 competent employees and deals with a wide range of customers – primarily in the private sector. 

2009 Curia acquires CV Management and is thereby expanding the customer portfolio in the financial sector.

2012 Mogens Breum chooses to retire and resigns as Partner. Torben Abildgaard joins as Managing Partner next to Michael Reffstrup.

2013 Curia expands with an office in Copenhagen and is now able to serve customers throughout the country as a nationwide recruiting company. The customer portfolio is now ranging from OMX-C20 companies to SMEs and Public Institutions.

2014 Curia collects several years of knowledge regarding counselling of dismissed employees and publishes the outplacement book “Vejen til dit nye job”, which is published in a second edition at the end of the year.  

2016 Børsen assigns Curia a Gazelle Prize for the first time. Curia thereby proves that it is possible to create extraordinary results even after several years in the industry.

2017 Curia celebrates the 20 years anniversary with clients, candidates and employees. Furthermore, Børsen assigns Curia a Gazelle Prize for the second year in a row.

2018 Curia takes part in the foundation of the industry association, Search Danmark. The industry association’s ambition is to secure high quality, create an ethical code, and greater transparency in the industry for the benefit of the customers.

Today, we are 15 dedicated employees in Curia, of which several have been a part of Curia in more than 10 years. We continue to work towards growth, development and - most importantly - satisfied customers and candidates.

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