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Network your way to the job

In many work situations it is important to have a good network to lean on. Networks can be occupational groups, colleagues, clubs or family, and they can all contribute with something different to your work life as well as your job search.

Nowadays, only 32% of job positions are filled through job advertisement, which means that 68% are filled through other channels such as networks. Consequently, it is valuable to have a good network to lean on if necessary.

You most likely already have a network, so where you can really make a difference is to organize it. If your network is not organized, it can be hard to see, maintain and use.

A network should be natural and reciprocal, so do not invent reasons to meet your network. Your network will maintain itself on its own, and your job is to use the tools at your disposal to keep it in order. This will ensure that the day you need it, you can lean on the support of a strong network, capable of helping you to move forwards. For example, if you have once helped a colleague, it is easier to ask him or her for help another time.



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