Curia is closed for the summer holidays during the weeks 28, 29 and 30. You can therefore expect a longer response time than usual. We wish you a pleasant summer vacation. 

Curia's outplacement statistics

Since the establishment of Curia in 1997, we have created good results for job seekers and discharged employees. According to our statistics, 50% of our outplacement candidates have a new job within three months after initiating our outplacement courses, and after four months, more than 60% of the candidates have continued their careers in a new job.

Yet, an outplacement course at Curia is not a job guarantee. The last step towards getting the job must be taken by the candidate. However, Curia's consultants are always ready to assist and advise the candidate through the rest of the process as we will nudge, encourage and support the candidate. Overall, we provide the candidate with the ideal conditions for searching for jobs.

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