Curia is closed for the summer holidays during the weeks 28, 29 and 30. You can therefore expect a longer response time than usual. We wish you a pleasant summer vacation. 

Help your employees continue their careers

Is your company soon dismissing one or more employees, and would you like to give these employees an overview of the situation and the possibilities for moving forward more effectively?

Curia is a strong business partner within outplacement as we have helped more than 2500 discharged employees to reorient themselves in the job market and continue their careers. In our experience, outplacement is very helpful, because many employees can spend their period of notice more effectively. By offering your discharged employee an outplacement course at Curia, the candidate will initiate the course shortly after the dismissal.

The outplacement course will give the discharged employee the ability to prepare and execute an effective and targeted job search. Furthermore, the candidate will get the opportunity to attain valuable qualifications usable in relation to career planning.

The competition in today’s job market is intense and the likelihood of obtaining the dream job is highly dependent on the candidate’s qualifications as a job seeker. Job search demands knowledge of a string of techniques and methods. In our experience, a planned and targeted job search process is crucial to success. Consequently, Curia's function in the outplacement course is to improve the employee’s knowledge of said methods and techniques.

If your company chooses Curia as your outplacement business partner, the candidate will be set up with only one of Curia’s own consultants who will use the necessary time to ensure that the candidate gets the right start to the job search and future career. The discharged employee will receive tangible advice about challenges and activities connected to job search as well as coaching related to the candidate’s considerations about the future.

Moreover, the discharged employee will receive a copy of our book ‘Outplacement – Vejen til dit næste job’ (only available in Danish). The book is based on our extensive knowledge and experience within recruitment and outplacement. The book contains several proposals, techniques, and exercises designed to clarify the competencies, personally traits, successes, development, and network of the discharged employee in order to make the job search more effective.

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