Management training in relation to dismissals

At Curia, we offer management training in relation to processes of dismissals in companies. If your company is approaching a process of dismissal of one or more employees, we gladly assist in planning the dismissal through management training.

Our consultants are trained in helping managers handle dismissals as well as the difficult dialogue related to them. We have years of experience as sparring partners for managers concerning rounds of job cuts and outplacement processes.

We provide managers with consultancy about the process before, during and after the dismissal. In cooperation with the managers concerned, we plan the difficult dialogue and the practical dealings regarding the dismissal. We train the managers in the execution of the dismissal, including the difficult dialogue, for preparing them to handle the situation and the reactions that follow. If needed, one of our consultants will be present at the day of the dismissals, so that he or she can provide the manager with the necessary advice or sparring.

When the dismissal and the difficult dialogue has been completed, the discharged employee will be offered an individual or a joint outplacement course in collaboration with a consultant from Curia. Curia's outplacement process contains four phases with the purpose of providing the discharged employees with the best possible conditions for quickly re-entering the job market.


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