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Personal data policy

In accordance with the new General Data Protection Regulation 2018 (GDPR), the requirements for how companies deal with personal data are sharpened. This includes that you as an individual have an increased right to know what kind of information, the company possesses about you and how it is processed. This means that companies must have justification for processing your data, and in most cases, they are also obligated to obtain your consent every time your data is registered and delete them as soon as the consent expires or on your request. The documentation requirements are significantly increased due to the new regulation, which implies that companies must be capable of documenting and arguing for the collection, storage, and processing of personal data and that the data processing is based on a reasoned and legitimate purpose.

In Curia, we perceive the regulation as an opportunity to further develop our working processes by viewing our collected candidate data even more critically and by continuously making sure that our data processing and storing are well documented and transparent. More specifically, this means that we only ask for data that we actually are in need of, so that we avoid collecting private data that we do not utilize in our recruitment processes. Furthermore, we are streamlining our internal data structure, which means that the data of each candidate is compiled at one place in our system, so that we easily can localize or delete the data on the candidate’s request.

In the following you can read more about our procedures for processing personal data.

Which data is registered: Curia is only registering the information that you share with us, including name and other contact data, date of birth, marital status, professional experience, educational background, courses/certificates, hobbies, language skills, references and information concerning potential reasons for the desire of a job change.

The purpose of the data processing: The information is applied in order to qualify your candidacy in relation to the positions that we help our clients occupy. 

Registration, consent and storage: In Curia, we register all candidates through our online recruitment system, which ensures that you as a candidate actively choose to agree upon the storage of your data for 24 months. Before the expiration of your consent, an e-mail will be send out with the opportunity to extend the registration. If this is not accepted, your data will automatically be deleted.

Our recruitment system will henceforth be acquired with a gatekeeper function which scans uploaded data. If confidential data such as a civil registration number appears in a document, the system will display a warning and offer to remove unwanted data.

In addition, the system saves all activities, which means that you at any time can gain insight into what data is registered, how we process it and who has carried out a specific action. 

Mediating candidate data to customers: When you are in process at Curia, we handle your data confidentially, which means that we under no circumstances share your information with our customers before obtaining your approval. 

Furthermore, our future cooperation agreements with our customers include a description of which recommendations we have, in relation to the customer´s processing of data that is mediated by Curia.

Procedures and IT tools: At Curia, we have several procedures that need to be incorporated into our daily efforts. In more detail, each employee is assigned various routines to ensure that the personal data is processed correctly, for instance by timely deleting e-mail correspondences, storing all printed documents according to valid guidelines and making sure that all devices, IT systems and online portals can be accessed only with a unique password.

We have obtained processor agreements with all our system suppliers and IT collaborators to ensure, that they also comply with the legislation. 

Do you need more information? If you have any questions or need additional information about Curia´s processing of personal data, you are welcome to contact us.

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