Curia's CV database

Curia's CV database is a database where we keep CVs from candidates who apply for our announced positions or candidates who upload their CV in order to achieve more visibility as job seekers. Our consultants actively use our CV database when searching for candidates for specific positions; both the ones announced on our website and the ones not announced. Therefore, our CV database is one of many attraction tools that we use when searching for the perfect candidate for your company.

In the CV database, we keep CVs for directors, top managers and specialists with a wide range of professional competencies that we evaluate in relation to current positions and potential possibilities in the future. We ensure that the CV database is profiled on relevant media platforms in order to attract attention from candidates with relevant competencies for the position we are recruiting for. This allows us to contact candidates who are not actively job seeking, but who can turn out to be just the right match for your company.

In our CV database, all personal information is held in agreement with the Danish Data Protection Act and the guidelines of the Danish Data Protection Agency. If you wish to read more on this subject, we refer to Curia's personal data policy

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