Our competencies

At Curia, we know people; we understand how to identify candidates’ personal and professional competencies which secures the right match when your company is looking for a new employee.

Altogether, our consultants have solid recruitment experience. Everyone has high seniority at Curia or in the recruitment business, and we have a background within the field in which we recruit. This means that we, for example, have engineers recruiting engineers, which enables us to quickly understand the job, the company and the industry we are recruiting for. We hold the knowledge, methods and tools necessary to ensure that your company gets the right people for the right positions at the right time. In this way, your company achieves the greatest possible success.

We always solve a task within a fair timeframe and follow up on our recruitments in order for both your company and the candidates to achieve full satisfaction.

At Curia, you will get a collaboration partner who wants the best for your company and where quality and efficiency is central. We know people and we are good at what we do – finding your next employee.

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