Technology Insight Manager

Can you identify the newest trends within technology, materials, and products?​

The company

NKT A/S is a global leading company that sells cables for the energy transmission. NKT has moved from number 27 on the world rankings in 2013 to top 5. The company develops, produces, and markets high quality cables, equipment, and solutions for electrical infrastructures, constructions, and the railway sector. NKT delivers creative and sustainable products, services, and solutions for the customers.

NKT has global activities but operates primarily on European markets, where they sell cables for the construction industry, energy supply, and high-tension projects for onshore and offshore. The headquarter is located in Denmark, and the company has about 3,400 employees.

You can read more about NKT here.

The job

As Technology Insight Manager for NKT you will have a diverse work day with a large contact surface. You will identify trends and new development tendencies within technology, materials, and products related to cable technology. While doing so, you will look for new initiatives from the competitors in order to spot new and innovative materials and patents.

Your tasks will include:

  • Analysing and monitoring the market in order to be in front within cable technologies.
  • Responsible for NKTs technological roadmap within the application-division.
  • Integrate with relevant stakeholders such as research institutions, universities and suppliers.
  • Identify possible acquisitions of ventures or companies within innovative technological areas.
  • Lead research cooperation with universities.
  • Lead internal workshops with focus on creative idea generation within technology.

Your place of employment will be at the office in Brøndby.

You should expect 30-60 travel days per year.

Your profile

You have technical and commercial experience, and probably a degree in engineering, e.g. electrical, mechanical or material technology or similar. It will be an advantage, if you have experience from an R&D department, perhaps with technology road mapping, setting technology strategy, and technology management.

As a person, you are passionate about technology, and you have very strong analytical and conceptual skills. These competencies make you critical in your approach to work tasks.

You are capable of varying between being detail oriented and seeing the big picture. You are a skilled communicator with the ability to create and maintain relations to various stakeholders. Furthermore, you have a global mindset and an inner drive. You are fluent verbally and in writing in both Danish and in English.

As a person you are:

  • Creative and innovative
  • Structured, systematic, and result-oriented
  • Positive and enthusiastic
  • Flexible and responsible

You are offered

At NKT you get an opportunity to work for a global company in the market. NKT is in growth, and they are currently in a leading position within their field of business. The job as Technology Insight Manager involves an international contact surface, a diverse workday, and a large amount of responsibility and influence. You get an opportunity to vary between working with tasks that are analytical, creative and interacting.

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