RF Engineer

Team oriented, ambitious, and experienced RF Engineer who longs to put a footprint in space.

Architectural approach to Nano Satellite Radio System Engineering

Located in Aalborg, Denmark, the SPARC team (Signal Processing and Radio Communications) owns and delivers all development for GomSpace’s radio solutions. The team currently employs 20 highly skilled engineers, covering the complete signal chain from antenna to digital data streams: Antenna and RF engineers, baseband engineers, Signal Processing and modem engineers.

Due to a steadily increased activity level, the SPARC team is now welcoming new engineers to join GomSpace’s exciting journey facing the challenges of tomorrow’s satellite missions.

Your workplace will be at our fantastic facilities either at Aalborg (DK), Uppsala (SE), or Belval (LU).

Your work starts with system requirements and ends with a product launched into space

You will be one of GomSpace’s RF Engineers and architects who lay the foundation for the RF hardware being integrated into satellites. The communications systems span a variety of frequency bands starting at VHF, includes S- and X-band, and currently tops out at >30 GHz Ka-band products.

You will work closely with colleagues from other skill groups, where you contribute with:

  • Design of RF systems and circuits for high bandwidth satellite communications system.
  • Guidance of the design choices from first idea of an RF architecture to a verified product.
  • Satellite link budgets analysis for ground and inter-satellite links.
  • RF HW block design. Selecting the right approach.
  • Hands-on implementation of RF circuits, including block diagrams, schematics capture, PCB layout, and laboratory work.
  • Help project managers and bid managers scope development work packages.

Senior RF Engineer with commitment and team focus

You probably hold a relevant engineering education on a bachelor’s or master’s level, however other backgrounds may apply if you have the right experience.

You have at least 5 years of experience with RF system design.

You are fluent in English on a professional level.

Personally, you:

  • Possess a strong personal drive, commitment, and sense of ownership
  • Work with an iterative and goal-oriented development mindset
  • Take pride in the quality of your work and cannot wait to see your product being launched into space
  • Are a team player who makes the team achieve its’ goals.

Launch your career in GomSpace

This is your unique chance of being a part of the future of high-end nano satellites setting the technical standards of tomorrow’s satellite missions.

  • You will be working with latest technologies and together with a team of highly skilled, dedicated, and passionate experts we can guarantee that you are challenged professionally every day. The team works with advanced RF hardware as well as signal processing and Software Defined Radio.

  • Strong focus on engineering:
    • Only few recurring sprint meetings.
    • You own your tasks and product area
    • Automation of routine jobs like release & regression testing => free up time for development
  • As teamwork is essential to success in the position, we can also guarantee a team that is eager to help and support in order to reach the common goals of GomSpace.
  • You are offered a remuneration package that meets your qualifications and experience.

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