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10 tips for writing a great job application

Hjælp til jobansøgning og CV

A great job application gives a summarizing picture of your career, and explains, in a short and precise language, why you are motivated to apply for the job.

Based on our experience, we have compiled this list, showing our top 10 tips for writing a great application:

  1. Connecting thread: There should be a clear connecting thread from the job posting through your application and your CV. Focus on your experience and your skills in regard to the content of the job.

  2. Summarize your CV: The application should give a summarizing picture of your CV.

  3. Motivation letter: Your application should contain a paragraph where you clearly describe your motivation for the job and the company respectively.

  4. Your background: Write about your background. This includes presenting your age, education and the connecting thread in your career.

  5. The perfect match: Prove your skills and passion for the company by explaining how the five most important requirements in the job description make you the right match for the position.

  6. Personality: Tell about your personality; how you view yourself as a person and how this qualifies you for the job.

  7. Period of notice: In the conclusion, you can inform of your period of notice or write if you are currently under notice of dismissal.

  8. Short and precise: Write your job application in a short and precise language. It is our recommendation that your application should be no longer than one A4-paper.

  9. An inviting layout: You should pick a layout and a font that is consistent through your application and your CV.

  10. Application in PDF-format: You should send your application as well as your CV in a PDF-format in order to ensure that the layout does not change when your application is opened on another computer.

With the right job application, you are one step closer to a job interview. Preparing for the job interview is an often overlooked discipline among some job seekers, which is crucial when the company is trying to decide between candidate 1 and 2. It is therefore important to do your research on company insights; review your application and your resume; prepare questions and answers for expected questions; practice your introduction thoroughly and familiarize yourself with practical information.