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Curia's outplacement process


Curia's outplacement process is divided into four phases:

  1. Where are you: The first phase in Curia's outplacement process aims to clarify the current situation as a discharged employee and to process this change with one of our consultants.

  2. Who are you: The second phase aims to clarify the employee’s professional and personal qualifications and successes. In collaboration with the consultant, the discharged employee’s qualifications and competencies are uncovered as a sales object. We uncover areas of development through a personality test and through the candidate’s accomplishments and success stories, which the person concerned should take advantage of when applying for a new job.

  3. What do you want: In phase three, the consultant and the discharged employee work with clarification of values and considerations about the important contents of the dream job as well as career goals.

  4. How do you do it: We work with planning and execution of concrete job search activities for the discharged employee. This includes knowledge about how to act in the Danish job market; advice on how to use one’s network; how to write a job application and a CV; how to attend job interviews and tests as well as working out a plan for the activities and actions for the job search process.

Through our outplacement process, we ensure that the discharged employee is helped after ended employment. We guarantee that the attendee will become wiser on his or her qualifications and opportunities through continuous sparring and coaching with one of Curia's consultants.

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