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In process at Curia

Sociale medier

The duration of Curia's recruitment process is usually between 5 and 8 weeks, and you can expect the following from the process:

  1. Our process: When you are in process with us, you have either applied for a position through our website or you have been contacted by one of our consultants, through our CV database or LinkedIn for example. All applicants will be assessed by one of Curia's consultants. If the consultant finds your application relevant, you will be contacted for elaborating questions regarding your application. If you are a relevant candidate for the position, you will be invited to a first interview which will take place at one of Curia's offices in either Aarhus, Aalborg or Copenhagen.

  2. Interview and test: At the first interview, you will be introduced to the job and the company seeking a new employee. Together we will go through your CV and you will be given feedback on the Personality Focus Profile test which you will have been asked to take before the interview.

  3. Presentation at the company: The candidates matching the job profile will be invited to a presentation at the company seeking a new employee. This presentation usually takes place at the office of the company in question or at Curia.

  4. Job references: If the company decides that you should proceed to the final round of presentations, one of our consultants will obtain your job references from the persons who you have listed and who is considered to know your personal and professional profile.

  5. Final presentation and contract: The final presentation will take place at the company’s office, probably with the presence of one of Curia's consultants. After this presentation, the company will decide which candidate they wish to employ.

There will always be more than one candidate in process for our positions. For this reason, there will also be candidates who will not be offered the job. The candidates who are not selected will be informed of the decision by phone or in writing.

When you are in process at Curia, we guarantee that all information will be treated confidentially and that your information will not be passed onwards without your consent. You are always welcome to contact us with any questions you may have.