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Outplacement Book


At Curia, we have helped more than 3300 dismissed employees move on and find new jobs. We would also like to help you move on and therefore we have published the book "Outplacement – Vejen til dit næste job".

The book, which is available in Danish only, is composed by Curia's consultants and is based on our solid experience with recruitment and outplacement. The book combines the newest knowledge within organisation, management, and society with our many years of experience as recruitment consultants, headhunters, and outplacement advisors.

The book is a supplement to our individual outplacement meetings. It includes concrete examples, exercises, tools, and pieces of advice in relation to your job search. It addresses every aspect in relation to an employee’s dismissal and job search. The book is divided into four subjects that each answer the following questions: Where are you? Who are you? What do you want? How do you get the job?

The book tells you what a good CV could look like, how to write an effective application, how to master the job interview, how to cultivate the hidden job market and become an active networker, and how to use LinkedIn and social media in your job search.

If you want to order the book in Danish, please visit our Danish site.