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Outplacement at Curia

Outplacement at Curia

We have helped more than 3300 discharged employees move on in their careers.

An outplacement process is structured with the purpose of helping your company´s discharged employees find a new job. The process has one main objective: that the discharged employee finds the right position.

The concept behind Curia's outplacement process is developed on the basis of experience and interviews with more than 3300 candidates who have been through a dismissal process. Curia's outplacement process consists of four general phases:

  1. Where are you: A clarification of the current situation as a discharged employee.

  2. Who are you: A clarification of the person’s professional and personal qualifications and successes.

  3. What do you want: A clarification of the person’s dream job and career goals.

  4. How do you do it: Planning and execution of specific job search activities.

Our outplacement processes are always made to measure your employee’s needs.

As part of our outplacement process, we offer the discharged employee a copy of our book "Outplacement – Vejen til dit næste job" (only available in Danish) which is based on our extensive knowledge and experience within recruitment and outplacement.

Get help for your next dismissal

Our consultants are always ready to help your dismissed employee moving on.

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