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Testing tools for evaluation of candidates

Curia's Testing tools

When conducting interviews at Curia, we always use personality tests that can help the responsible consultant as well as your company to form a better understanding of the candidate’s strong points, development areas, and motivation in the workday. We employ different tests, compiled by Center for Ledelse (CfL), which offer a wide range of different tools for the assessment of candidates and employees.

All of our consultants have certification for the Personality Focus Profile test and the Ability Focus Profile:

  • CfL - Personality Focus Profile: The Personality Focus Profile test is the most frequently used test at Curia and one that every selected candidate in the process takes. The test is a personality test consisting of seven general questions about the candidate’s opinion on various aspects related to work life as well as the candidate’s strong and weak points. The test clarifies 12 personality features through more than 130 pair of words where the candidate is to choose one of two words that he/she believes describes him/her best. These choices form the basis of an analysis of the candidate’s personality and is part of any interview that the consultants at Curia hold. The Personality Focus Profile test is usually used to clarify the candidate’s reactions to situations from daily life at a workplace as well as the way in which the candidate communicates with the surrounding world.

  • Ability Focus Profile: The Ability Focus Profile is a 12 minutes long ability test, consisting of 30 tasks that test the candidate’s logical thinking. The test is used in recruitment processes when needed or by wish from the company.

Besides this, a range of our consultants have certifications for Leadership Focus Profile, NEO PI-R, Hogan, MPA (Master Person Analyse), Master EASI, SHL OPQ32, Belbin and 360 degrees’ analysis.

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