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Recruitment tests

Preparing for a job interview

Most job seekers will go through one or more tests in a recruitment process. There are many different categories and variations of tests. The most common tests you will encounter are:

  • Personality tests
  • Proficiency tests
  • Ability tests.

Regardless of the test you are asked to take, you have some basic rights as a job seeker:

  • You have the right to decline to be tested.
  • You can retract your consent at any time.
  • You have the right to get feedback from the test.

If you decline to be tested, it is not necessarily disqualifying for your candidacy as a test is never the only basis of evaluation. The test complements your application, your CV, the interview itself, and your references. All these tools ensure that the right candidate is employed. However, if you do choose to decline a test there is a risk that the employer will reject your application because they feel that they cannot get a proper impression of you.

At Curia, we think that you should play along and learn from the process. Actually, it does not really matter what you score on a proficiency test. Instead, it is important to discuss which parts of the test were easy and which were hard.

On the same note, you cannot fail a personality test as a personality test never has right or wrong answers. Even if some positions address certain personalities better than others, you will always have the opportunity to prove at the interview why you are capable of filling the position in question.