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Curia's recruitment process

Curias rekrutteringsproces

To ensure an effective and successful recruitment of your new employee we use a highly well-proven recruitment process which is divided into 6 phases:

  1. Profile clarification: We meet with one or more representatives from your company and work out a description of the profile and the tasks for the position you wish to be filled. This description comprises a description of the company and the position, expectations for the candidate’s professional qualifications and personal profile, success criteria, and desired results. Also, we define a timetable for the process. After this, we work out a job advertisement that will be approved by your company and then published here on our website, at Jobindex and LinkedIn, or similar job portals.

  2. Search and headhunting: We work proactively and effectively to find the best candidates matching the profile and task descriptions. We use our knowledge about the market, our large network across industries, our own CV database, LinkedIn, or other relevant databases.

  3. Selection: In this phase of the recruitment process, we focus on selecting the best candidates who have applied for the position. Likewise, we select the candidates from the search phase who we consider to be relevant for the position. We often use phone interviews to screen the candidates and thereby gain insight into what the individual candidate is like and what he or she stands for. In this way, we ensure that only the best and most motivated candidates proceed in the recruitment process.

  4. Test and interview: After selecting the relevant and most qualified candidates, we ask them to take a personality test. Our consultants are all certified in the use of different test tools, including Personality Focus Profile which is the most frequently used test at Curia, which all selected candidates who are in the process complete. The test is most often used to shed light on a person's reactions in everyday situations in a workplace as well as the way in which they communicate with the outside world. Curia also uses the CfL-Ability Focus Profile. This thought test is a 12-minute logical, analytical test consisting of 30 tasks that test logical thinking in the candidate. This test forms a clear picture of the candidate, including whether the person is a match in relation to the formulated job and profile description and your company. We also invite the selected candidates to an interview at Curia together with the responsible consultant in order to evaluate the candidate in more detail and meet the person face to face.

  5. Presentation: After we have met the candidates and gone through their personality tests, we select the candidates who will be presented for your company. Usually, we select a handful of candidates who we believe are most relevant for the position and your company. Before you meet the candidates, we will send you a presentation of each candidate comprising an overview of the candidate’s education and work experience, the consultant’s evaluation of the candidate and his/her strengths and weaknesses as well as the results of the personality test. The candidate’s application and CV are also a part of the presentation. We are happy to participate in the presentation.

  6. Final presentation and contract: After the first presentation, the best candidates are selected in cooperation with your company for a final presentation. Again, we offer to participate in the presentation. Before the presentation, we collect references for the candidates in question while continuously keeping you updated on the process. After the final presentation, you and your company will select the candidate who is going to employ the position.

Of course, it is always possible to adjust the process in accordance with your company’s specific wishes and needs without compromising the quality and the final result.

We keep you continuously updated throughout the entire recruitment process. As we want to ensure successful cooperation between your company and your new employee, we do a follow-up one, two, and four to six months after the hiring.

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