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Headhunting, search & selection

Headhunting, search & selection

If you choose us to find your new employee, we guarantee an effective recruitment process in which we use search, headhunting, and selection to make sure that your company is hiring the right candidate.

  • Search and headhunting: A crucial element in our recruitment process is to be proactive and reach out to candidates whom we believe are attractive for your company. We keep a finger on the pulse of the market and know where the best candidates for your company are. We use our large network across industries and sectors to search the market for the best candidates. We have our own CV database with updated CVs which, combined with our network and the use of other effective recruitment platforms, enable us to search far and wide. Consequently, we do not simply find the best candidate among the applicants; we find the best candidate on the market. Search and headhunting are especially important when we search for highly specialized professional qualifications or the best directors or top managers on the market.

  • Selection: We carefully evaluate all received applications on the basis of the profile and qualification requirements that our consultants and your company have agreed on.

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