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Use social media in your job search

Sociale medier

At Curia, we experience social media as a vital part of the job search and recruitment processes. Companies and recruitment consultancies use social media to post job advertisements, and employers often check potential candidates’ social media profiles when forming an impression of a potential employee.

As a job seeker, the social media LinkedIn is especially relevant, as it is oriented towards the business world. LinkedIn is particularly directed to business partners, colleagues, occupational groups, and the like, and it is designed for the purpose of networking and creating relations.

On LinkedIn, you have the possibility to create an online profile with your CV that is available for other users, allowing potential employers and recruitment consultants to see it. If you have an updated profile, you increase the likelihood of being headhunted or contacted by a potential employer.

All of this makes LinkedIn a good tool, regardless of whether you are seeking a new job or merely seeking to keep in contact with members of your network.

We recommend you to follow Curia on LinkedIn as we continuously post job positions s as well as advice for your job search.